Sally Below is an urbanist, curator, consultant to ministries, municipalities and institutions, and designer of sustainable urban development processes.

The focus of Sally Below’s work is on transformation processes in cities and neighbourhoods, research on urban society as well as exhibitions and discourse formats that constructively address current developments in this context and enrich them with approaches to solutions for complex issues. One focus is the cooperative (re)design of thinking spaces and real spaces.

Working Method

Sally Below’s work is not based on a classical toolbox, but on a knowledge box. Experience and expertise from a variety of urban processes in a wide range of constellations enable her to look at developments from different perspectives and find new answers to upcoming questions.


Using a process methodology adapted to the situation and constellation and incorporating the experience and knowledge of her (contact) partners and addressees, effective ideas and concrete concepts for urban development processes and measures, exhibitions as well as integrating and inspiring actions and events are developed. Depending on the project, experts from the network join in.


Shaping the upcoming transformation processes in our urban society and our urban environment requires open-ended and unconventional methods and procedures, the appreciation of qualities of the existing and the cooperative rethinking of what needs to change.