Märkisches Viertel: 3.2 km² Life

Discovery show for the 2014 anniversary of the large housing estate and urban quarter

For its 50th anniversary, the entire Märkisches Viertel housing estate and urban quarter in Berlin was turned into an exhibition. Around 200 posters mounted throughout the area, along main streets, and in courtyards and gardens, provided insight into the residents’ daily life and homes, planning and political decisions, the estate’s history since 1964, and how it is perceived from the inside and outside.

The project’s six main themes – ADVENTURE, WORK, CULTURES, LANDSCAPE, MODERNITY and HOME – were exemplary for the Märkisches Viertel, but also for the city as a whole. Different exhibition stations offered a deeper look into and out of the estate. The Märkisches Viertel can still be explored today with the walking plan and the audio tour developed for the exhibition.
Sally Below curated the exhibition and, together with the architect Dr. Eduard Kögel, discovered many stories that had not yet been told. Her team developed written texts, the visual language, and the exhibition design.