Multihalle in Mannheim

New programming for a monument

The Multihalle, designed by architects Frei Otto and Carlfried Mutschler as a temporary building for the 1975 Federal Garden Show in Mannheim, was never demolished due to its architectural significance and continued to be used until a few years ago. But since then, it has been in a “Sleeping Beauty” slumber; now it’s time to write a new chapter. Two factors are decisive for its re-launch: raising the financial means to preserve the structure, and a plan for long-term use.
The aim of the current development process is to redefine the Multihalle as a platform for an open society, as Frei Otto originally intended with its creation. This process – involving many participants and supporters from diverse disciplines – is now part of the Mannheim 2030 mission statement.
Sally Below has been involved in the development of this project right from the start. She contributes her knowledge and experience in innovative processes and complex stakeholder constellations as well as her extensive network at national and international levels.