Say yes to Schwedt!

Discourse project with young people: Schwedt Laboratory

The city of Schwedt/Oder is suffering from the exodus of its youth. Such structural problems can only be tackled by activating the existing forces. In 2015, the Schwedt-Labor was meant to give new impulses and initiate constellations between young people and local club makers. Contrary to popular opinion, many young people do not necessarily want to leave, they just want more space to develop.

Sally Below and her partners Dimitri Hegemann from the Berlin club Tresor and Annette Ochs and Andreas Böttcher from the Uckermark Festival worked together in the Schwedt Lab with young people, interested doers from Schwedt and invited experts to question the image and conditions in the city. The measures were supported by federal ExWoSt funds.

The idea of creating a self-managed space for young people could not be realised. But new alliances were formed and a festival organised jointly by committed Schwedter:innen.

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