Spinelli Model Quarter

Strategic advice on development, specialist workshops and framework plan

The city of Mannheim is currently developing an extensive landscape park on vacated inner-city conversion sites that will connect city districts and thus bring more nature and quality of life into the city in the long term.

The location directly on the future green corridor also offers the opportunity to create a special housing offer in the interlocking of open space and settlement area. A new neighbourhood is being created on the Spinelli conversion site as part of a comprehensive development concept.

Sally Below is working on the model projects for the neighbourhood in terms of content and advice and is accompanying the development process with the conception and moderation of specialist workshops and citizens’ forums. The focus is on the use of public space, models for communal living, exemplary ecological approaches and the application of the 12-point housing programme of the City of Mannheim. The results of the discussions and votes are incorporated into the framework plan for the Spinelli neighbourhood.