enorm stadt

A special issue of enorm magazine



With enorm, the magazine for social change, Sally Below, as guest editor-in-chief, has been able to realise her idea of developing an issue about cities for professionals as well as interested urban citizens. The first enorm stadt was published in July 2017.

About the content:

Urban development is considered the task of politics and administration. But residents, businesses or communities of interest also follow their own strategies to influence their living environment. Sally Below asks about urban guiding principles and goals between political mandate and initiative, sheds light on current developments and presents visions, working methods and projects. enorm stadt strolls through Hamburg’s new neighbourhoods, talks to representatives of the cities of Arnsberg, Bremen, Delitzsch, Mannheim and Nuremberg, talks about Olympic applications and the perpetuation of urban movements, shows how an initiative is changing Dessau, asks what has become of the theses on the “creative city” and where the idea of the smart city stands today.

With contributions by:

Doris Kleilein, Franziska Eidner, Jochen Sandner, Moritz Henning, Wolfgang Maennig, Gary Hustwit, Robert Kaltenbrunner, Matthew Griffin, Kai Vöckler, Britta Jürgens, Andreas Foidl, Christian Holl, Brigitte Hartwig und Sally Below, Jan Gehl, Olaf Bartels, Hans-Herrmann Albers, Martin Schwegmann, Hilmar Poganatz, Nico Paech and Marius Rommel, Michael LaFond and Larisa Tsvetkova, Johannes Novy

Art direction: Kai Kullen. Deputy editor-in-chief: Moritz Henning