On the Way to an International Building Exhibition (IBA) for the Metropolitan Region of Berlin and Brandenburg

Concept development, strategic consulting and process design

The State of Berlin intends to initiate an International Building Exhibition (IBA) and to develop a concept for this special format of urban and regional development in the metropolitan region together with various partners from the city and the region.

International building exhibitions have been changing cities and regions for the long term for more than 100 years. IBAs are regarded as experimental fields and innovation laboratories, and as a trademark of the national building and planning culture they are committed to a high standard. They start with concepts, initiate and combine very different projects on different scales, research and accompany the project processes and, after about ten years, show as an exhibition what has changed on site.

In order to raise the potential of an IBA here and to develop a concept for an exploratory phase, Sally Below was commissioned by the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing to contribute her experience from research and practice with International Building Exhibitions and to lead a steering process between experts from architecture, urban and regional development and important actors from civil society, the social sector, culture, business and research.