Transformation of a room

Cooperative design with an open-ended outcome

Together with architect Volker Halbach from blauraum, Sally Below developed an unusual concept for the transformation of a Kreuzberg factory floor into a multifunctional space: she invited renowned architects from all over Germany to create a completely new design for the space in three teams and in an open process. Each team had to build on the work of the previous one – the result was an unusual yet coherent conversion that could be used by the clients for exhibitions, events and film screenings.

To introduce this space to the architectural scene, Sally Below staged the “sala architettura” series. Here, the teams presented their workshop results, prominent experts reported on their curatorial work, and all participants celebrated with a large number of guests. In the following series of events, “sala architettura + film”, she looked at the image of architects in German television films and asked “Why are they so bad?