Experiment Everyday Urban Life

How do we further develop planning culture?

Sally Below has been working on concepts for new forms of urban development for a long time. With a view to international building exhibitions and other major events, she asks herself: Do we need planned states of emergency to be able to go new ways? What we should be aiming for are alliances of many contributors who continuously shape the city – as a normal state.

This is how the research approach Experiment Stadtalltag came about, which was discussed in a series of Future Studios conducted by Sally Below with Martin Kohler from HCU Hamburg. In addition to bringing together the very different protagonists, it was important to record the diverse contributions in video interviews.

The Future Studios made stops in Dessau-Ro├člau, Hamburg, Offenbach, Munich and Bochum. They were organised with local partners and funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the Science Year 2015 – City of the Future.